Kaurna Reconciliation Sculptures

Working for Peace Through the Arts

The Kaurna meyunna, Kaurna yerta tampendi sculpture is dedicated to the Kaurna People.

Commissioned and funded by the Peace Foundation in a valued partnership with the Adelaide Festival Centre Trust, this public artwork is associated with the Kaurna Walking Trail which provides an opportunity to discover places sacred to the Kaurna people around Karrawarri Parri (River Torrens) and the Adelaide City area.

The artwork is a gift to the Kaurna people in recognition of their traditional ownership and custodianship of the Adelaide Plains and it is an act of reconciliation. Representing some of the Kaurna meyunna story it gives insight to continuous Kaurna culture and history. It was designed by Kaurna artist Eileen Karpany, Aboriginal artist Darren Siwes and local artist Tony Rosella; with the sandstone components sculpted by Donato Rosella.

Originally installed and dedicated in 2002, the sculptures are currently in storage during the redevelopment of the Adelaide Festival Centre Plaza. We are eagerly awaiting the expected completion and return of the Kaurna Sculptures in 2022.

Yuridla – Dreaming Story of the Mount Lofty Ranges.
Photo by Lara Merrington

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