Sadly, with the Next Wave 2020 Festival now cancelled due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the Multiverse Museum will, for now, remain unexplored by the public. However, the project has found a unique way to bring elements of the work to an even greater audience through its digital iteration.

This includes public access to select archival research materials, where dossiers, memorandums, hand-written letters and transcripts have been assembled chronologically for an easily navigated – at times, perhaps confronting – journey back in time. While modern discussions tend to frame the climate debate as a question of where we are headed, the archive shows that where we have been is also a crucial part of understanding the issues facing our joined future. The archive can be accessed at alongside other digital elements of the project now available for free to the general public.

These include Lament, a new short film by, Daz Chandler that looks at the climate change dilemma through the lens of the current COVID-19 pandemic.