Peace Rules Showcase

Embracing peace in the minds & behaviour of young Australians.

The Peace Rules Showcase is an event where secondary schools receive performing arts awards. The event is presented by the Graham F Smith Peace Foundation. 

The schools involved in 2019 were: Adelaide High Schools, Navigator College, St Aloysius College, Aberfoyle Park High School, Nazareth College, Golden Grove High School, Para Hills High School, Pembroke College, MQ Dance Education, Blackwood High School. 

Last year Peace Rules Showcase Award Presentations went to:

Excellence Award (artist in residence award of $2000): Para Hills High School’s ‘We Stand for Peace’ & ‘Red Dust Plain’
Merit Award (artist in residence of $1000): Blackwood High School’s ‘Breaking Silence’
Australia Education Union Encouragement Award (artist in residence of $500): Golden Grove High School’s ‘Silence’

Para Hills High School shared with us, ‘We began our dance with a focus on soldiers at war. How they supported each other through challenges and emotional hardships at terrifying times. This led us to talk more about families that may have experienced a war themselves. Allowing us to recognise how fortunate we are to live in Australia, a country where we feel safe. We then decided that we wanted our school community to have the opportunity to say that “we stand up for peace!” We all have a right to feel safe in the community, no matter which country we live in.’

Special thanks to the Hon Jing Lee MLC, Assistant Minister to the Premier for attending and being the recipient of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Torch-Bearer Award 2019.

During the interval, there was a short presentation of the Peace Foundation SACE Art Show Award recipient Alice Parle’s work entitled ‘Portraits of Ampilatwaja’.

A heartfelt thanks to the volunteers who have generously provided their time and expertise

The themes developed through the project provide a platform for discussion about the future of peace.

The Peace Rules Project for senior secondary students addresses the question:

What can I do to contribute to peace through the arts?

The project promotes understanding, tolerance, inclusivity and a more sustainable environment.

Students (Year 9, 10 and/or 11) and teachers have the opportunity to create a 3 to 5-minute original performance, film or multi-modal work on the theme of Peace Rules in conjunction with assessment tasks in the Australian Curriculum (Year 10) and SACE Stage 1 Dance, Drama, Media Studies or Creative Arts.

The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation has support from Department for Education and Child Development, Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools SA for teachers and students to engage in this important performing arts project to promote peace.

The Peace Foundation will seek support from sponsors to assist in funding the project. If you are interested to support Peace Rules, please get in touch via email to

For more information about the project, please get in touch with Robyn on 0412 183 533 or Corinne on 0413 588 505 or email


The Graham F. Smith Peace Foundation was established in 1989 as a legacy for Graham Smith a long-time educator and peace activist. This was at a time when nuclear war seemed a plausible threat. Many Australian citizens knew World War 2 as a living memory. The Vietnam War had ended only 14 years previously (1975) and young men who went to war were killed, maimed and psychologically scarred.

The possibility of nuclear war is ever-present. We are aware of current wars and the threat of unrest and terrorism on all continents.

The themes to be incorporated into Peace Rules to advocate for human rights by:

1. Respect and support for cultural diversity
2. Respect for and appreciation of Indigenous culture
3. Respect for difference
4. Respect in relationships that foster peace
5. Respect, understanding, and compassion for refugees
6. Respect for the environment and support for biodiversity

The Process

The Peace Foundation understands and emphasises the power of performance in promoting peace.

  • Teachers will be engaged in an initial 2-hour professional learning briefing and workshop to explore the process and address techniques to create a concept for performance. A comprehensive Teacher’s Note Package will include relevance to the Australian Curriculum, history of the Peace Movement and techniques to create a relevant performance. (Certificates of Attendance will be available on the day.)
  • The work created will be part of the assessment tasks for Year 10 (Australian Curriculum) and SACE Stage 1.
  • Teachers are encouraged to use original music or address copyright.
  • A digital copy of the performance will be submitted by 6 September. Entries to be measured against the Peace Rules Project criteria and checked to be family-friendly.
  • An expert panel will select the order of presentations which will be showcased (either in digital form or a live performing arts presentation) at Norwood Concert Hall on Thursday 19 September 2019.
  • Three Artist-In-Residence awards will be presented at the event: $2000, $1000 or $500 – NB: These awards will not be presented in the form of cash but will go towards funding artist-in-residence programs to support the work of students and teachers through the arts.
  • All students will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Risk Management

Students will be covered for risk assessment according to Department of Education for Child Development, Catholic Education Office and the Association of Independent Schools SA policy with a contract signed between The Peace Foundation and the school on acceptance of the application.   Registration will include signed Permission to Use Images for the event from each participant.

Schools will be expected to provide:

  • A fee of $50 per school per entry (maximum 2 entries per school)
  • School’s production costs including costumes, simple set/s and or materials pertaining to the making of the performance or digital work.
  • Production equipment.
  • Travel costs.
  • Support from schools for ticket sales to the event.

Curriculum content:

Australian Curriculum Year 10: Live or digital content creative performance through The Arts (Dance, Drama and/or Media Arts).

SACE Year 11 Subject Areas: Creative Arts-Product, Dance-Composition or Performance and Drama– Performance, Investigation or Presentation.

NB: Each entry can consist of between 1 and 25 students with an educational leader/teacher.
Schools can enter up to 2 entries.
The length of each entry is from 3 to 5 minutes.
The final showcase will be held on Thursday 19 September h at the Norwood Concert Hall.

Sharing the message of Peace Rules with the wider community will occur by:

  • Encouraging performance of the created work within the school and community,
  • Sharing the performances with other schools.

NB: Materials used must be environmentally sustainable, non-toxic


  • For students to experience the power of performance as a tool for communicating peace.
  • To raise awareness and promote ongoing discussions of peace in the community.
  • To establish a resource bank for teachers, students and artists to connect to ‘Peace’ themed projects through the arts.
  • To create a network of support for Peace Schools.

RECORDINGS for submission (by 11 September or before)

Google Drive is an easy platform that will allow you to safely upload your entry for content moderation before the performance day.

All schools/entries will receive a link that is specifically for your school/entry only. You will be able to upload any file format into the folder. Your entry will only be reviewed by the committee and will not be shared.

You can either ‘drag or drop’ your file into your school’s folder (see link below) or you can upload by right-clicking in the white space and click upload file (see image below).

Example video of how to drag and drop your entry into the google drive

All of the stakeholders share a vision for peace in a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable future

Registrations are now open for 2020

Download the registration form below to register your school’s interest and let’s plan this exciting project together!

For more information about the project, please get in touch with Robyn on 0412 183 533 or Corinne on 0413 588 505 or email

Registration Form WORD version

Registration Form PDF version

Contract For Participants WORD version

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