Here are our picks of events at this year’s Adelaide Fringe … with themes of peace, human rights, soial justice, reconciliation and care for the environment.

Adelaide Songs – Trouble in Paradise

Adelaide Songs

A dinner-cabaret with original songs that tell it how it is, was and should be … in Adelaide. Songs of our city, its history, the people and the stories.

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Afghanistan is not Funny

Henry Nylor and Sam Maynard

Multi award-winning playwright Henry Naylor and photographer Sam Maynard ask what has been lost in the ruins of Kabul?

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An Afghanistan Lost

Muzafar Ali

An exhibition of photographs of ordinary life in Afghanistan from 2005 to 2012 -by Afghan photographer Muzafar Ali.

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Bettong and Buddies

DunnART Productions

A bettong seeks his dream to become a violinist. On this hilarious journey he encounters other creatures and learns what it means to be a critical member of his ecosystem.

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Bone Cage

Stage Secrets

A tragically beautiful performance work that bears witness to the confronting situation and challenges for women trying to leave abusive relationships.

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Common Dissonance

Na Djinang Circus

Contemporary circus work depicting the struggle between traditional and modern modes of reasoning.

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Deadly Nannas

Deadly Nannas

Six Ngarrindjeri women with two kringkri ma:dawar (white sisters) come together to perform songs of healing, joy, happiness, empowerment and reconciliation.

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Dusty Feet Mob

Dusty Feet Mob

Contemporary and traditional dance and song – building connection to culture, community and country.

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Hildegard Knef

April Albert

The emotional toll of WW2 – amongst the ruins of her past and a nation ravaged by war, HILDEGARD/KNEF explores a world of destruction, music, and survival.

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Holy Bin Amoley

Art for Earthlings

The ultimate guide on how to become your best bin self! A show for the whole family focuses on where each piece of rubbish should go and what happens to our waste next.

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Memorial for Forgotten Plants

Louise Flaherty, Belinda Gehlert & Tanya Voges

This intimate outdoor participatory performance reflects on the loss of native plants from our suburban landscape.

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Ngarrindjeri Ruwa

Ngarrindjeri artists

Ngarrindjeri artists Cedric Varcoe, Amanda Westley, Kyla McHughes, Kevin Kropindjeri and Sandra Saunders presesnt a mixed media exhibition, performances and workshops,  sharing Ngarrindjeri culture.

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Plastica Fantastica 

Jennifer Laycock

One woman’s story of her addiction to plastic and how life falls apart when she finds out that she is allergic to the one thing she loves most.

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Same-Same 2.0 

No Strings Attached Theatre, Theatre Today and Diverse Abilities Dance Collective

Online and live stage performance celebrating friendship across multiple borders – countries, cultures, and abilities.

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Sanaa Street Festival 

Sanaa Ink

A showcase of music, art, fashion and creatives from South Australia’s multicultural communities.

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Kathryn Hall

Solo performance – written and performed by Kathryn, blending comedy, drama, puppetry, dance and one very special blanket – finding adulthood in a youth shelter.

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Singin’ in the Pain   

Diana Divine

Award-winning Disability Cabaret exploring lived experiences with disability and chronic illness – a night of community and catharsis for people of all walks of life.

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Sky Song    

First Nations Artists and Celestial

Gaze up and reignite your relationship with the stars at Sky Song – a sky show spectacular narrated by singer, songwriter and tireless campaigner Archie Roach.

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Still Talkin’ Bout a Revolution     

Nancy Bates

An outstanding musical performance, and revolutionary experience reflecting on the songs of Tracy Chapman and their relevance to race relations in Australia today.

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Sufi Music Highway      

Farhan Shah 

The Pakistani Pavarotti presents traditional Sufi and Qawwali music and song from Pakistan, Middle East & North India in fusion style with high powered musical ensemble and dance.

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The Sea Around Us       

Jackalope Studio Gallery

Four contemporary artists explore and interpret the poetry of the sea with homage to Rachel Carson, marine biologist, author and conservationist credited with advancing the global environmental movement. 

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The Staging Post        

Light Sound Art Film

Feature documentary following Afghan Hazara refugees Muzafar and Khadim as they face many years in limbo in Indonesia. An inspirational story about friendship, connection and the power of community. Screening and Q&A session with director Jolyon Hoff and Muzafar Ali.

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This Tree is a Story          

Slingby’s Theatre

Five overlapping and interwoven stories – delving into scientific knowledge and ancient and personal stories of trees and how they shape our lives, cultures and future.

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Amelia O’Leary

A glimpse into the discovery and exploration of Gamilaroi Woman, Amelia O’Leary’s, journey with identity. Through dance, O’Leary shares a raw physical depiction of her internal vortex of identity and sisterhood.

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Yo’ Mama        

Briefs Factory

A melting pot of comedy, dance and high quality Drag which examines gender, identity and Patriarch through a south pacific lens.

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