Professor Henry Reynolds was our special guest at the University of Adelaide Bragg Theatre on 7 May, for a most memorable event, which was also part of the 2023 SA History Festival.

Henry’s presentation was a tour de force. He made a powerful case for the YES vote in the coming referendum based upon Australia’s commitment to international conventions on the rights of indigenous people (including several historic Adelaide associations).

Henry strongly rebutted the ‘rights’ argument advanced by the No campaign; quoted an astonishing statement by Tony Abbott, in support of constitutional recognition and indigenous representations to parliament from last decade, which is quite at odds with his current position; and outlined a number of scenarios which would follow either the success or the failure of the referendum.

He believes the failure of the referendum will have profound international ramifications for Australia.

The talk was followed by forty minutes of questions and comments from an attentive and appreciative audience.

Listen to the audio of Professor Reynolds’ talk here.