Peace Rules

Working for Peace Through the Arts

Peace Rules is an opportunity for secondary schools’ performing arts students to address the question “What can I do contribute to peace?”

Promoting understanding, tolerance, inclusivity and better attitudes towards our environment, students and teachers are offered the opportunity to create a 3 – 5 minute performance (film or multi-modal) on the theme of Peace Rules.

Teachers are invited to participate in a workshop to create a concept for their performance and are provided with a comprehensive Teacher’s Note Package. The work created will be part of the assessment tasks for Year 10 (Australian Curriculum) and SACE Stage 1 Dance, Drama, Media Studies or Creative Arts. Teachers are encouraged to use original music or address copyright issues. A digital copy of the performance is submitted for preliminary judging.

Our expert panel selects up to 10 works to be showcased for the final judging presentation of awards valued $2000, $1000 and $500.

All students receive a Certificate of Participation.

Peace Rules aims to:

  • demonstrate the power of performance as a tool for communicating peace
  • promote ongoing discussions of peace in the community
  • establish a resource bank for teachers, students and artists to connect to ‘Peace’ themed projects through the arts
  • create a network of support for Peace Schools.

The Peace Foundation thanks the Department for Education and Child Development, the Catholic Education Office, the Association of Independent Schools SA and teachers and students for supporting and engaging in this important performing-arts project to promote peace.

Peace Rules 2020 Film Focus

In 2020 the Peace Rules Showcase was re-imagined for our COVID19 world, presenting a unique opportunity for secondary performing and creative arts students and teachers to create a film in their schools.

Congratulations to the following five successful schools who have created and premiered their amazing peace films:

Each of these secondary school teams received $500 to produce their films with concepts based on Peace Foundation/Peace Rules themes.

In partnership with Dance Hub SA and Ausdance SA who created the DanceFilmFocus for independent choreographers, the Peace Foundation designed this complimentary project for secondary schools to engage with screen performing arts. It has been a wonderful opportunity to develop the students’ skills in innovative ways observing distancing rules.

We profoundly thank our generous sponsors for contributing to this project: Suzanne Elliott Charitable Trust, Australian Education Union, Ausdance SA and Dance Hub SA.

Caritas College – Power

Peace Rules 2019 Showcase

The schools involved in 2019 were Adelaide High Schools, Navigator College, St Aloysius College, Aberfoyle Park High School, Nazareth College, Golden Grove High School, Para Hills High School, Pembroke College, MQ Dance Education and Blackwood High School.

Awards were presented to:

  • Excellence Award (artist in residence award of $2000): Para Hills High School’s We Stand for Peace and Red Dust Plain
  • Merit Award (artist in residence of $1000): Blackwood High School’s Breaking Silence
  • Australia Education Union Encouragement Award (artist in residence of $500): Golden Grove High School’s Silence.

Special thanks to the Hon Jing Lee MLC, Assistant Minister to the Premier for attending and being the recipient of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Torch-Bearer Award 2019.

A heartfelt thanks to the volunteers who generously provided their time and expertise.

2019 award recipients, Blackwood High School SACE and Year 8-10 Drama Dance students

Peace Rules 2018 Showcase

Nine schools participated in the inaugural Peace Rules Showcase on held on 27 September at the Norwood Concert Hall.

Congratulations to you all.

Award recipients were Pembroke School for a physical theatre piece on the topic of genocide; Para Hills High School for a dance performance which demonstrated how dance unites us and removes barriers; and Blackwood High School for a multi-media performance on the tragic effects of war. These schools were awarded grant money to engage artists-in-residence to work with teachers and students in skills development workshops.

Many thanks to the sponsors who contributed to the success of the project: Australian Education Union, Catholic Education SA and the Honey Mouth Café.

Sincere thanks also to the many volunteers including the Peace Rules Committee, judges and stage crew who worked tirelessly to make this event happen. Special thanks to Robyn Callan for enthusiastically putting this program into action including the Teachers’ Workshop.

Top: Pembroke College permforing arts students showcase a dance performance on the topic of genocide.

Bottom: Those who made it happen (left to right) Robyn Callan, Bob Weatherly, Leonie Ebert, Mary-Lou Michael, Edwin Kemp-Atrill, Amanda Phillips and FuzzyTrojan.