Adelaide Park Lands Art Award

Working for Peace Through the Arts

In 2020 the Peace Foundation offered a $1,500 award for an artwork Inspiring Environmental Debate.

The 2020 awards were presented at the long-awaited, COVID-delayed opening of the Adelaide Parklands Preservation Society’s (APPA) 2020 biennial Art Exhibition at the Festival Art Space, Adelaide Festival Centre in March 2021.

Louise Flaherty was awarded the Peace Foundation prize for her work Resurface (below) in black and white, which shows a sensitive appreciation of the natural elements of the Adelaide park lands and reflects one of the core values of the Foundation: environmental sustainability and the protection of green spaces. See Louise’s artist statement here.

The Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize highlights through art, the beauty, rarity and fragility of the Park Land belt that surrounds the city of Adelaide.

Environmental sustainability is one of the Peace Foundation’s core values so judges considered how an artwork furthers the environmental debate through its message, use of materials or its innovation and aesthetic excellence around the theme.