The Peace Foundation is pleased to announce a new three-year partnership with Flinders University through the Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts.

The partnership will build on the respective strengths and goals of the partners and deliver the Graham F Smith Artist’s Residency, keynote speaker event and masterclass symposium. 
Since 1989, the Peace Foundation has promoted peace by funding all forms of art related to human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability. 
Through the new partnership, the Peace Foundation seeks to continue to support artists to create work that promotes peace and social justice, increase the visibility of the artists’ work, and reach and inspire new audiences.
Flinders University  is a recognised leader in innovative research and tertiary education. Assemblage is Flinders’ research centre for artistic enquiry and art creation. Specialising in cross-disciplinary approaches and catalysing new ways of solving societal challenges. 
This partnership will replace the Peace Foundation’s $10,000 annual grant and will pool funds from both organisations to an annual total of $18,500. 
‘We are excited to see how this residency can support artists and widen their networks. By leveraging on the networks of Flinders University, we hope this residency reaches a diverse range of candidates working in a wide range of creative disciplines,’ said Naomi Ebert Smith, Chair of the Peace Foundation. 
This year’s keynote speaker will be Enoch Wesley AM. Wesley is an Australian playwright and artistic director. He is well-known for The 7 Stages of Grieving co-written with Deborah Mailman. He has been the artistic director of the Queensland Theatre Company and more recently the director of the Sydney Festival.
The masterclass symposium with Wesley Enoch will be open to Flinders University students, alumni and other guests. The purpose of the masterclass is to engage students at a deeper level and stimulate them to manifest their own creative goals regarding arts and social justice. See the Flinders University brochure.
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