The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation (Peace Foundation) is committed to the Uluru Statement from the Heart: a gift of hope, love, and peace from First Nations Peoples given to all Australians in 2017 to create a better and united Australia.

We welcome the decision of the Federal Labor Government to hold a Referendum within the life of the current parliament to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution as proposed in the Uluru Statement.

To be successful, a Referendum requires a national majority of voters in all states and territories and a majority of voters in a majority of states (at least four out of six states).

The Peace Foundation is dedicated to achieving a successful Referendum in collaboration with others. An active and determined campaign will be required to gain the Referendum. It must be based on accurate information and counter opposition feeding on misinformation and anxiety about change. Moreover, it will need to start now before misinformation and opposition become entrenched. The Toolkit is designed to help each one of us to be informed and to act.

Join our voice with others to amplify our message:

  • Stand up for Recognition everywhere and invite others to join in.
  • Share, participate and add to messages and actions from the Peace Foundation (members, donors, and supporters) as well as from allies, affiliate organisations, and coalitions which we support or of which we are part, using email, social media, and any other communication channels available.
  • Organise and mobilise for Referendum Day – starting now!

This Toolkit contains resources we need to be informed and get started to formulate, coordinate and execute individual or group campaign plans.