SACE Art Award

Working for Peace Through the Arts

The annual Peace Foundation SACE Art Show award was presented to a SACE Stage 2, Visual Arts/Design student whose artwork was exhibited at the 2018-20 SACE Art Shows.

The selected pieces of work highlighted one or more of the following criteria:

  • peace and justice at family, community and international level
  • the reduction of injustice, racial tension, oppression
  • increased understanding and cooperation between political, racial and ethnic groups
  • support for the rights of indigenous peoples to self-determination
  • care of the environment and ecologically sustainable development
  • support for oppressed people to control their environment for their daily needs.




The 2020 Peace Foundation SACE Art Award recipient is Elias Raptis for his painting entitled: I Too, Like You Had a Face. The theme of his work is the Holocaust and his painting, in mostly greyscale, depicts faceless people in the midst of violence and death.


Alice Parle’s work entitled Portraits of Ampilatwaja pays homage to our First Nations people and their deep connection to the land. Alice’s artwork is described as highly skilled portraits burnt into red gum logs. The portraits show respect for the resilience and tenacity of First Nations people under siege. The ghost-like portraits remind us of a past we would like to change – and the need to do things differently in the future.


The inaugural SACE Peace Foundation Art Award was presented to Lily Drummond for her multi-modal art work entitled Heart Of The Ocean on environmental conservation.