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Memoir Launch

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Speak Up, Reach Out: A life to reckon with by Graham F. Smith 

The memoir was launched on Thursday 26 November, 6pm at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery by Professor Barbara Pocock and Associate Professor Craig Campbell with entertainment by Eileen Darley and Jackie Phillips.

The launch was MC’d by Brian Abbey and Naomi Ebert Smith spoke on behalf of the Peace Foundation.

To buy the memoir, please visit Wakefield Press HERE.

A lifelong activist and educator, Graham’s memoir is a microcosm of Australian politics and society at a particularly volatile time, seen through the eyes of a storyteller who was both compassionate and analytical.

The Second World War, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, the political, economic and social upheavals of postwar Australia, and Sir Robert Menzies’ (failed) attempt to outlaw the Communist Party of Australia – Graham lived through these events and made influential contributions to them all. He was involved in and committed to the struggles of the marginalised and impoverished – as a communist in mid-twentieth century Australia, he became one of the marginalised.

‘Graham was never a hater. Always a builder, and much more likely to meet division with humour than criticism,’ Professor Barbara Pocock said in her contribution to the book.

This event was supported by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre.