Moon Lantern Parade

The Moon Lantern Parade as an integral part of the OzAsia Festival is a celebration of togetherness that dates back over 3,000 years where family and friends gather to celebrate and give thanks for good harvests, harmonious unions and a good future.

The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation was delighted to participate in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 OzAsia Moon Lantern Festival Parade at Elder Park each on a Sunday during the full moon cycle. This event involved hundreds of participants including school students, community groups, sponsors and partners of the festival to parade their beautiful handmade lanterns and advertise their excellent contributions in the community. Following the parade was a magnificent display of fireworks over the river.

Each year the event attracts a crowd of over 25,000 people and each community group receives media coverage before and after the event on all Adelaide television stations. The event has become a global experience attracting international coverage in print and digital media showcasing Adelaide and the 40 large sponsored lanterns and the numerous small lanterns made by schools and children including the beautifully constructed lantern carrying our illuminated logo embodying a strong message of peace endorsing our motto of “Working for Peace through the Arts”.

The Peace Foundation worked closely with the OzAsia Festival and artist Kathryn Sproul to make our beautiful illuminated lantern that was paraded by members and multi-cultural volunteers at the start of the magical festival parade over the 3 year period.

Each year the audience cheered and waved in recognition of the fine work of the Peace Foundation and during the 2016 parade volunteer Ethan Callan made a very emotive short film of the event that was featured on our Facebook. The film attracted a 113% increase in activity achieving over 800 views on our Facebook page on the first week of its release. The film can be viewed here.

For a very small funding amount including the storage and restoration of our lantern each year, we have seamlessly brought our message of global peace through the Arts to a local and international audience of over 7,500 people and have successfully involved members of our community to participate in the parade whilst also mentoring UniSA students and a young film maker to produce a moving record of the event.

Thank you to every person who has contributed to the success of our participation in the Moon Lantern Event and to bring the word of our foundation to a much larger and more diverse audience.

Robyn Callan
(MLF Event Organiser for the Peace Foundation)